Phir Wajah Kya Hui Drama Review

Phir Wajah Kya Hui Drama Review: “Phir Wajah Kya Hui” (translates to “Why Not Again?”), a Pakistani drama series, explores the complexities of love, loss, and the enduring power of secrets. While the show boasts a captivating premise and strong central performances, its execution is uneven, leaving some viewers wanting more.

Phir Wajah Kya Hui Drama Review

A Love Story Haunted by the Past

The narrative centers around Zara (Faria Sheikh) and समीر (Sameer), two childhood sweethearts whose love story is tragically cut short. Years later, Zara finds herself drawn to Fahad (Alyy Khan), a mysterious businessman with a connection to her past. As their relationship deepens, long-buried secrets resurface, threatening to shatter their newfound happiness.

Intriguing Premise with Suspense Elements

The show excels in creating a sense of suspense. The lingering mystery surrounding Sameer’s death and Fahad’s true motives keeps viewers engaged, eager to unravel the truth.

Faria Sheikh Delivers a Compelling Performance

Faria Sheikh delivers a nuanced performance as Zara, portraying her character’s grief, vulnerability, and resilience with conviction. The supporting cast also provides solid performances, particularly Rizwan Ali Jaffri as Zara’s conflicted father.

Uneven Pacing and Melodramatic Turns

The show’s pacing can be uneven at times. The initial episodes establish the characters and backstory effectively, but the middle section drags slightly. Additionally, the narrative takes some melodramatic turns, which might feel excessive for some viewers.

Limited Exploration of Social Issues

While the drama touches upon themes of class difference and societal expectations, these aspects are not fully explored. The focus remains primarily on the central love triangle and the mystery surrounding Sameer’s death.

A Show With Potential, But It Falls Short

“Phir Wajah Kya Hui” has the ingredients for a compelling drama – a love story tinged with tragedy, a touch of suspense, and strong central performances. However, the uneven pacing, melodramatic moments, and underdeveloped social commentary prevent it from reaching its full potential.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Strengths: Captivating premise with a touch of suspense, strong central performance by Faria Sheikh, explores themes of love, loss, and secrets.
  • Weaknesses: Uneven pacing, melodramatic elements, limited exploration of social issues.
  • Overall: An engaging drama with a good central cast, but the uneven execution and lack of depth in certain areas hold it back.


“Phir Wajah Kya Hui” might appeal to viewers who enjoy melodramatic Pakistani dramas with a focus on love triangles and family secrets. The central performances and suspenseful elements are a draw. However, those seeking a fast-paced narrative with a strong social commentary might find the show lacking.

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