Qadam Qadam Ishq Drama Review

Qadam Qadam Ishq Drama Review: “Qadam Qadam Ishq” (2019), a Pakistani drama series, takes viewers on a journey of love, societal expectations, and personal growth. While the show boasts a charming central couple and tackles relevant social issues, its execution falters at times, leaving a feeling of missed potential.

Qadam Qadam Ishq Drama Review

A Love Story With Societal Hurdles

The narrative revolves around Areeba (Areeba Habib), a university student, and Farshad (Azfar Rehman), a self-made businessman. Their connection is undeniable, but societal pressures and class differences create obstacles for their blossoming love. Areeba’s family disapproves of Farshad’s background, while Farshad grapples with insecurities stemming from his past.

Areeba Habib and Azfar Rehman Deliver Chemistry

The chemistry between Areeba Habib and Azfar Rehman is a saving grace. Their portrayals of Areeba’s spirited nature and Farshad’s quiet determination make their on-screen romance believable and engaging.

Social Commentary: Balancing Love and Tradition

The show delves into the challenges faced by young couples in Pakistan who wish to marry based on love rather than societal expectations. It highlights the pressure to conform to arranged marriages and the importance of family approval.

Uneven Pacing and Shifting Focus

The show struggles with pacing, particularly in the middle episodes. Certain plot points drag on, while others feel rushed. Additionally, the focus shifts between the central romance and social commentary at times, creating a sense of unevenness.

Underdeveloped Supporting Characters and Predictable Tropes

The supporting characters, including Areeba’s family and friends, lack depth and development. They primarily serve to create obstacles for the central couple. The narrative also relies on some predictable tropes, particularly in the later episodes, which might feel clichéd to seasoned drama viewers.

A Lighthearted Watch With a Message

Despite its shortcomings, “Qadam Qadam Ishq” offers a lighthearted and entertaining escape. The charming lead couple, the social commentary on arranged marriage, and the message of following one’s heart hold some appeal.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Strengths: Strong chemistry between the leads, tackles relevant social issues regarding love and marriage in Pakistan.
  • Weaknesses: Uneven pacing, underdeveloped supporting characters, reliance on predictable tropes in the later episodes.
  • Overall: A watchable rom-com with a social message, but the uneven execution and clichéd elements hold it back.


“Qadam Qadam Ishq” might appeal to viewers who enjoy lighthearted Pakistani dramas with a focus on romance. Fans of the lead actors’ performances will find their chemistry a highlight. However, those seeking a well-developed plot with strong supporting characters and a more nuanced exploration of social issues might be disappointed.

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