Mujhay Beta Chahiye Drama Review

Mujhay Beta Chahiye Drama Review: “Mujhe Beta Chahiye” (2019), which translates to “I Want a Son,” tackles a sensitive and prevalent issue in South Asian society: gender bias and the preference for sons. The drama offers a thought-provoking exploration of this social norm, but the narrative approach might not resonate with all viewers.

Mujhay Beta Chahiye Drama Review

A Story of Societal Pressures and Unfulfilled Dreams

The story revolves around Rubina (Sadia Faisal), a loving wife and mother of three daughters. Her husband, Salman (Shahood Alvi), desperately yearns for a son to carry on the family name and fulfill societal expectations. Rubina endures constant pressure from her in-laws and societal judgment due to her inability to bear a son.

Highlighting Gender Discrimination

The show unflinchingly portrays the emotional and psychological toll of gender bias on women. We see how Rubina’s self-worth is tied to her ability to produce a son, leading to feelings of inadequacy and despair. The narrative effectively highlights the importance of valuing daughters and dismantling patriarchal norms.

Strong Performances by the Lead Cast

Sadia Faisal delivers a powerful performance as Rubina, capturing the character’s resilience and internal struggle with remarkable nuance. Shahood Alvi also portrays Salman convincingly, showcasing the character’s blind adherence to societal expectations.

Dark and Bleak Tone

The show’s strength lies in its unflinching portrayal of the issue, but its unrelenting bleakness might be emotionally draining for some viewers. There are moments of lightheartedness and family bonding, but the overall tone remains serious and focused on the hardships faced by Rubina.

Uneven Pacing and Melodramatic Elements

The pacing can be uneven at times, with certain plot points dragging on. While the central issue is well-presented, the narrative occasionally veers into melodrama, which might feel manipulative to some viewers.

A Show With a Message, But It’s Not for Everyone

“Mujhe Beta Chahiye” is a powerful drama that sheds light on a crucial social issue. The strong performances and unflinching portrayal of gender bias make it a thought-provoking watch. However, the dark tone, uneven pacing, and melodramatic elements might not appeal to all viewers.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Strengths: Powerful performances, unflinching portrayal of gender bias, highlights the importance of valuing daughters.
  • Weaknesses: Dark and bleak tone, uneven pacing, melodramatic elements.
  • Overall: A thought-provoking drama with a social message, but the unrelenting seriousness and occasional melodrama might limit its appeal.


“Mujhe Beta Chahiye” is a good choice for viewers seeking dramas that tackle social issues head-on. Those interested in exploring the realities of gender bias in South Asian society will find the show’s message particularly relevant. However, viewers seeking a lighter drama or one with a more balanced emotional tone might want to look elsewhere.

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