Mala Mir Drama Review

Mala Mir Drama Review: Mala Mir, a Pakistani horror drama from 2018, blends romance with supernatural elements. While the show boasts an intriguing premise and a captivating performance by Faria Sheikh, it falls short in some aspects of plot development and execution.

Mala Mir Drama Review

A Love Story With a Monstrous Twist

The narrative revolves around Mala (Faria Sheikh), a beautiful and headstrong woman, and Mir (Ali Josh), a mysterious creature bound to an ancient well. Mala becomes inexplicably drawn to the well and to Mir, who emerges each night seeking human connection. As their bond deepens, the boundaries between love and danger become blurred.

Faria Sheikh Shines as the Determined Mala

Faria Sheikh delivers a captivating performance as Mala. She portrays the character’s curiosity, defiance, and growing affection for Mir with conviction. Her portrayal is key in keeping viewers invested in the unconventional romance.

Intriguing Premise With Horror Elements

The show’s initial episodes effectively build suspense and a sense of mystery surrounding Mir’s true nature. The horror elements, while not overly graphic, create an unsettling atmosphere that draws viewers in.

Uneven Pacing and Narrative Shifts

The show struggles with pacing, particularly in the middle section. Certain plot points unfold rapidly, while others drag on without significant development. Additionally, the narrative shifts between focusing on the romance and exploring the horror elements, which can feel disjointed at times.

Lack of Character Development for Mir

While Mala is a well-developed character, Mir remains somewhat enigmatic throughout the show. His motivations and backstory are not fully fleshed out, leaving viewers with unanswered questions about his true nature.

A Show With Potential, But It Could Have Been More

Mala Mir has the ingredients for a compelling horror romance – a unique premise, a strong central performance, and a touch of the supernatural. However, the uneven pacing, underdeveloped characters, and narrative shifts prevent it from reaching its full potential.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Strengths: Intriguing premise, captivating performance by Faria Sheikh, suspenseful atmosphere in the initial episodes.
  • Weaknesses: Uneven pacing, narrative shifts between romance and horror elements, underdeveloped characterization for Mir.
  • Overall: An interesting concept with a good central performance, but the execution is lacking in some areas.


Mala Mir might appeal to viewers who enjoy horror romances with a unique twist. Faria Sheikh’s performance and the initial suspense are highlights. However, those seeking a well-paced narrative with fully developed characters might be disappointed.

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