Korangi Ke Satrangi Drama Review

Korangi Ke Satrangi Drama Review: “Korangi Ke Satrangi” (translates to “The Seven Colors of Korangi”), a Pakistani drama from A Plus Entertainment, takes viewers on a journey through the lives of ordinary people living in Karachi’s bustling Korangi district. While the plot might not be groundbreaking, the show’s focus on relatable characters, social issues, and the spirit of community makes it a heartwarming and engaging watch.

Korangi Ke Satrangi Drama Review

A Rich Tapestry of Characters

The story revolves around a diverse group of characters living in Korangi. We meet Gulzar (Shahzad Ali Khan), a kind-hearted mechanic, Mehri (Naheed Shabir), a strong-willed single mother, and their children who navigate the challenges and aspirations of everyday life. Other characters include a passionate teacher, a struggling musician, and a group of ambitious young women.

Focus on Social Issues with a Human Touch

The show cleverly weaves social commentary into the narrative. We see characters grapple with issues like poverty, lack of educational opportunities, and societal pressures. However, the drama avoids being preachy, instead focusing on the human stories behind these issues.

Strong Performances by the Ensemble Cast

The cast delivers believable and relatable performances. Shahzad Ali Khan anchors the show as the kind and wise Gulzar, while Naheed Shabir shines as the resilient Mehri. The supporting cast also contributes strong performances, bringing the characters of Korangi to life.

Realistic Portrayal of Karachi’s Korangi District

The show’s visuals effectively capture the essence of Korangi. From bustling streets to modest homes, the setting feels authentic and adds depth to the characters’ experiences.

Simple Plot with Slice-of-Life Charm

The plot doesn’t rely on high drama or outrageous twists. Instead, it focuses on the everyday struggles and triumphs of the characters. This slice-of-life approach allows viewers to connect with the characters on a personal level.

A Feel-Good Show With Heart

“Korangi Ke Satrangi” offers a heartwarming escape. The focus on community, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams leaves viewers with a positive and hopeful feeling.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Strengths: Relatable characters, focus on social issues with a human touch, strong performances by the ensemble cast, realistic portrayal of Karachi’s Korangi District, feel-good and heartwarming story.
  • Weaknesses: The plot might be predictable for some viewers due to its slice-of-life nature.
  • Overall: A charming and heartwarming drama that celebrates the spirit of community and the strength of ordinary people.


“Korangi Ke Satrangi” is a perfect choice for viewers who enjoy heartwarming dramas with relatable characters and social commentary. Fans of Pakistani dramas with a focus on everyday life will find it particularly appealing.

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