OMG 2 Movie Review: A Divine Comedy for Modern Dilemmas

OMG 2 Movie Review – Kantilal Patel (Akshay Kumar), a devout but simple-minded shopkeeper, faces a moral dilemma when his son is expelled from school for an embarrassing viral video. He seeks divine intervention by suing God in court, claiming God’s silence on matters of sex education and social media contributed to his son’s mistake. His case becomes a media frenzy, challenging societal taboos and forcing everyone, from religious institutions to the courtroom, to confront their assumptions about faith, morality, and modern life.

OMG 2 Movie Review


  • Kantilal Patel: Akshay Kumar delivers a nuanced performance as the endearingly naive Kantilal, whose faith wavers but never cracks as he embarks on his unconventional legal battle.
  • Pankaj Tripathi as the Public Prosecutor: Tripathi plays the charismatic lawyer with a witty charm that complements Kantilal’s earnestness, creating an engaging courtroom dynamic.
  • Yami Gautam as a social media influencer: Gautam adds a modern voice to the narrative, representing the generation grappling with technology and societal expectations.
  • Supporting Cast: The film boasts a talented ensemble, including Manoj Joshi, Arun Govil, and Ratna Pathak Shah, who add depth and humor to the story.


Director Amit Rai utilizes a mix of realistic settings and fantastical elements, like courtroom angels and celestial courtroom appearances, to create a visually engaging experience. The film seamlessly blends humor with poignant moments, using close-ups to capture the sincerity of Kantilal’s faith and the wider social commentary through evocative shots.

Soundtrack and Score:

Rochak Kohli’s music provides a vibrant backdrop to the film, with playful devotional tracks like “Kantilal” and thought-provoking songs like “Guru Guru Govinda” complementing the narrative’s themes.

Direction and Editing:

Rai navigates the film’s delicate balance between satire and sensitivity with skill. The editing keeps the pace brisk, seamlessly transitioning between courtroom drama, humorous situations, and moments of reflection.

Themes and Messages:

Beyond the comedic surface, OMG 2 tackles complex themes like religious hypocrisy, censorship in the digital age, and the importance of open communication about sex and morality. It encourages questioning outdated norms and embracing progressive stances on social issues.

OMG 2 Movie Review 1

Audience Appeal:

The film caters to a diverse audience. Fans of Akshay Kumar’s comedic timing will be entertained by his performance, while the film’s social commentary might resonate with viewers seeking thought-provoking entertainment. Additionally, the blend of humor and faith might appeal to families looking for a lighthearted yet meaningful cinematic experience.


While the film delivers on its humor and social commentary, some might find the courtroom arguments predictable and the resolution slightly rushed. The pacing occasionally falters, and the lighter tone might not resonate with viewers seeking a more nuanced exploration of its themes.


OMG 2 is a well-crafted entertainer that blends social satire with lighthearted humor. Akshay Kumar’s performance and the film’s timely themes make for a thought-provoking and enjoyable experience. While minor weaknesses exist, the film’s strengths outweigh them, offering a memorable cinematic experience that might spark conversations about faith, society, and navigating the complexities of modern life.


3.5 out of 5 stars

Additional Information:

  • OMG 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed and commercially successful 2012 film OMG: Oh My God!
  • The film faced some controversy with Hindu groups initially raising concerns about its comedic portrayal of religious figures.
  • Despite the controversy, OMG 2 was a box office success, grossing over 2.2 billion INR in India.

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