Mission Majnu Movie Review: A Spy Thriller Hampered

Mission Majnu Movie Review – Tariq (Sidharth Malhotra), a flamboyant RAW agent disguised as a Pakistani musician, infiltrates Lahore in the 1970s on a secret mission to uncover Pakistan’s nuclear development program. He navigates treacherous alliances, falls for a local woman named Nasreen (Rashmika Mandanna), and faces constant danger as he races against time to gather crucial intel and avert a potential war.

Mission Majnu Movie Review


  • Tariq/Ram’s Internal Conflict: While Malhotra showcases Tariq’s charm and agility, delve deeper into the character’s internal struggle. How does he reconcile his flamboyant persona with the quiet weight of his mission? Explore the emotional toll of living a double life, the fear of exposure, and the moral ambiguity of espionage.
  • Nasreen Beyond the Damsel: Push past the “damsel in distress” trope and explore Nasreen’s potential agency. Give her a backstory, skills, and desires beyond relying solely on Tariq for protection. Let her be a partner in navigating danger, offering unique insights into Pakistani society and culture.
  • Supporting Cast Nuances: Flesh out the supporting characters like Arif Zakaria and Sharib Hashmi. Give them motivations beyond stereotypes, making them crucial players in the story’s web of alliances and betrayals. Explore their ethical dilemmas and personal backstories to add depth and intrigue.


  • Visual Storytelling: Analyze how the film utilizes Lahore’s settings beyond picturesque visuals. Does the cinematography evoke the city’s history, cultural tensions, or hidden dangers? How does it reflect Tariq’s emotional state and the shifting atmosphere of the mission?
  • Unique Stylistic Choices: If any, analyze unique stylistic choices in the cinematography. Does the film employ specific camera angles, color palettes, or editing techniques to distinguish itself from typical spy thrillers? Are there visual metaphors or symbolic elements woven into the imagery?

Soundtrack and Score:

  • Music Beyond Blending: Analyze the music beyond its functional role of blending with action. Does it offer thematic cues, reflect character emotions, or build tension through specific instruments or motifs? How does the score evolve along with the narrative, reflecting the rising stakes and emotional undercurrents?
  • Memorable Melodies: Are there any particularly memorable tracks or musical themes that linger beyond the film’s viewing? How do they contribute to the overall emotional impact and audience engagement?

Mission Majnu Movie Review 1

Direction and Editing:

  • Breaking Clichés: Analyze specific instances where the film attempts to break free from typical spy thriller clichés. Are there unexpected plot twists, innovative action sequences, or moments of emotional vulnerability that subvert genre expectations?
  • Character Development Through Editing: Discuss how editing choices contribute to character development. Does the film use flashbacks, close-ups, or specific scene transitions to reveal inner conflicts, past experiences, or hidden motivations?

Themes and Messages:

  • Beyond Patriotism: Explore the film’s handling of themes beyond simplistic patriotism. Does it touch upon the personal consequences of war, the human cost of political decisions, or the possibility of finding understanding across borders? Analyze how the narrative navigates these nuances without resorting to overly simplistic messages.
  • Espionage Beyond Black and White: Discuss the film’s portrayal of espionage as complex and morally ambiguous. Does it delve into the ethical compromises, psychological burdens, and grey areas within the world of covert operations?

Direction and Editing:

Shantanu Bagchi keeps the pace brisk, but the direction often falls into cliché territory, resorting to predictable plot twists and action sequences. The editing maintains a fast rhythm, but could have benefited from a tighter focus on character development and emotional depth.

Themes and Messages:

The film attempts to explore themes of patriotism, sacrifice, and the complexities of espionage, but doesn’t delve deep enough to offer impactful insights. The portrayal of Indo-Pak relations remains mostly black and white, missing the opportunity for nuanced perspectives.

Audience Appeal:

Fans of Siddharth Malhotra and Bollywood action thrillers might find some entertainment in the film’s fast-paced sequences and familiar genre tropes. However, viewers seeking a more layered and nuanced spy story might be disappointed by the predictable narrative and superficial character development.


The film’s reliance on clichés and predictable plot points hinders its impact. The characters lack depth and nuance, and the portrayal of Indo-Pak relations feels simplistic. While the action sequences are well-executed, they fail to compensate for the narrative’s shortcomings.

Mission Majnu Movie Review 2


Mission Majnu offers a mildly entertaining escape, but struggles to break free from the shackles of Bollywood’s spy thriller formula. While glimpses of potential exist, the film ultimately relies on familiar tropes and lacks the emotional depth and nuanced storytelling necessary to truly captivate audiences.


2.5 out of 5 stars

Additional Information:

  • The film faced some controversy for its historical inaccuracies and its alleged glorification of espionage.
  • Despite the mixed reviews, Mission Majnu performed moderately well at the box office.
  • The film marks Sidharth Malhotra’s second collaboration with director Shantanu Bagchi, following their previous 2019 war film Aiyaary.
  • Historical Context: Explore the film’s historical context within the real-life Indo-Pak relations of the 1970s. Analyze how the film handles historical accuracy, portrays major events, and navigates potential controversies surrounding sensitive topics.
  • Box Office Performance: Discuss the film’s box office performance in the context of the Bollywood spy thriller genre. Analyze audience reception, critical reviews, and any factors that might have influenced its commercial success.

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