Yasak Drama Review

Yasak Drama Review: Captivating Turkish dramas often explore themes of forbidden love, and Yasak (“Forbidden” in Turkish) is no exception. This review delves into the depths of the series, dissecting its plot, characters, and the social commentary woven into its narrative. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of Yasak’s impact and whether it deserves a spot on your watchlist.

Yasak Drama Review

Plot Summary

Yasak intricately weaves a tale of two star-crossed lovers, Hasan and Feride. Hasan, a captivating young man from a humble background, works as a carpenter. Feride, on the other hand, belongs to a wealthy and influential family. Their paths collide unexpectedly, and a spark ignites between them. However, their budding romance faces a formidable obstacle: Feride’s family vehemently disapproves of Hasan due to his social standing.

As the narrative unfolds, the lovers embark on a clandestine affair, defying societal norms and the restrictions placed upon them. Their secret meetings and stolen moments are fraught with tension as they navigate the ever-present threat of discovery. The series explores the sacrifices they make for love and the emotional toll secrecy takes on their relationship.

The plot thickens with the introduction of secondary characters who add layers of complexity to the narrative. Antagonistic figures, fueled by envy or social ambition, may seek to dismantle the forbidden romance. Additionally, family members on both sides grapple with their own internal conflicts, caught between tradition and the desire for their loved ones’ happiness.

Character Analysis

  • Hasan: A strong and determined young man. He embodies honesty and integrity, refusing to compromise his values despite societal pressures. His unwavering love for Feride fuels his defiance.
  • Feride: A passionate and independent woman yearning for love and fulfillment. Torn between her love for Hasan and her loyalty to her family, she experiences a complex internal struggle.
  • Feride’s Family: Represent the rigid societal structure that prioritizes social standing and family reputation. Their disapproval acts as a significant barrier to the lovers’ happiness.
  • Secondary Characters: Each character serves a purpose, creating a web of alliances, betrayals, and hidden agendas that add depth to the narrative.


  • Forbidden Love: The core theme of Yasak is the enduring power of love in the face of societal constraints. The series explores the sacrifices lovers make, the risks they take, and the emotional turmoil they endure when love is deemed “forbidden.”
  • Social Class Divide: The drama sheds light on the stark realities of social inequality. The contrasting backgrounds of Hasan and Feride highlight the challenges faced by couples from different social strata.
  • Family Honor: The concept of family honor, deeply ingrained in some cultures, plays a significant role. The series portrays the pressure placed on individuals to uphold family traditions and expectations, even if it contradicts their personal desires.
  • Sacrifice and Compromise: Throughout the narrative, characters are forced to make difficult decisions, weighing their personal happiness against the well-being of their loved ones or their social standing.

Impact and Legacy

Yasak captivated Turkish audiences and garnered international acclaim. The series resonated with viewers due to its relatable themes, well-developed characters, and the emotional intensity surrounding the forbidden love story. It sparked conversations about social class, family dynamics, and the fight for love against societal constraints.

Possible Critique

While Yasak offers a compelling narrative, some viewers might find certain elements predictable or melodramatic, a common trope in Turkish dramas. The portrayal of the social divide might be viewed as overly simplistic. Additionally, the plot’s reliance on misunderstandings or external villains to create conflict could be seen as a narrative crutch.


Yasak is a captivating drama series that offers a passionate love story intertwined with social commentary. Its exploration of universal themes ensures its continued relevance for viewers seeking a drama that goes beyond mere entertainment. Despite potential areas for critique, the series remains a significant contribution to Turkish television and a captivating example of the genre.

Expanding the Review (Optional):

This review provides a foundation. You can delve deeper into specific aspects:

  • Analyze specific characters in greater detail, exploring their motivations and character arcs.
  • Discuss the series’ portrayal of social class with specific examples from the plot.
  • Explore the cultural context of family honor and its impact on the characters’ decisions.
  • Compare Yasak to other forbidden love dramas to highlight its unique aspects.

By incorporating these elements, you can create a more comprehensive and nuanced review of Yasak, giving viewers a deeper understanding of the series and its significance.

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