Son Pari Drama Review

Son Pari Drama Review: “Son Pari” (meaning “Fairy Daughter”) is an Indian fantasy drama that aired from 2018 to 2020. It tells the captivating story of Pari, a young pari (fairy) who descends from the magical world of Pari Lok to Earth. The show garnered mixed reviews, lauded for its unique premise and visuals but criticized for its pacing and plot inconsistencies. Here’s a comprehensive review exploring the show’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall appeal.

Son Pari Drama Review

Premise: A Fairy’s Journey on Earth

Pari, a mischievous yet kind-hearted pari, accidentally falls to Earth. Separated from her magical world and stripped of her powers, she finds herself amidst the Kaushik family. To return home, Pari must help Mr. Kaushik, the family patriarch, regain his lost smile and faith in life. This journey leads her to navigate the complexities of human emotions, family dynamics, and the stark contrast between her fantastical world and the real world.

Characters: Memorable yet Uneven Development

  • Pari (Ivana Ala): The charming and naive protagonist, Pari, brings a touch of magic and wonder to the narrative. Her childlike innocence and determination to help Mr. Kaushik are endearing. However, her character development can be inconsistent at times.

  • Mr. Kaushik (Mohit Malik): A stern and hardworking businessman, Mr. Kaushik gradually softens his demeanor and rediscovers joy in life with Pari’s help. His character arc is one of the more well-developed aspects of the show.

  • Supporting Cast: From Pari’s eccentric fairy friends to the Kaushik family members, the supporting cast adds humor and complexity to the story. However, some characters receive less development, leaving them underdeveloped.

Strengths: Fantasy Elements and Visual Appeal

  • Unique Premise: The concept of a fairy interacting with the human world is an interesting premise that allows for exploration of themes like family, friendship, and finding one’s purpose.

  • Visual Effects: The show boasts impressive visual effects, showcasing the vibrant and mystical world of Pari Lok and the magical abilities of the fairies.

  • Light-Hearted Humor: The show incorporates comedic elements, particularly through Pari’s playful antics and interactions with the human characters.

Weaknesses: Pacing and Plot Inconsistencies

  • Uneven Pacing: The show’s pacing can be inconsistent, with some episodes dragging and others feeling rushed. This can affect the overall viewing experience and create moments of lagging engagement.

  • Plot Inconsistencies: The plot can sometimes introduce inconsistencies or unexplained elements, leaving viewers with unanswered questions or plot holes, impacting the narrative’s coherence.

  • Repetitive Formulas: While the show introduces creative challenges for Pari to help Mr. Kaushik, there can be a sense of repetitiveness at times, with similar formulas used to fulfill the episodic structure.

Beyond the Screen: Cultural Significance and Appeal

Despite its limitations, “Son Pari” holds some cultural significance and resonates with viewers in specific ways:

  • Family Values: The show emphasizes the importance of family, showcasing the bond between the Kaushik family and highlighting the strength found in love and support.

  • Optimism and Hope: Despite its challenges, Pari’s character embodies optimism and hope, reminding viewers to find joy in everyday life and face adversity with resilience.

  • Appeal for Children: The fantastical elements and comedic aspects make the show appealing to younger audiences, introducing them to themes of kindness, responsibility, and believing in oneself.

Exploring Further: The Legacy of “Son Pari”

While “Son Pari” may not be a groundbreaking television show, its impact on its target audience and its place in the Indian television landscape remain noteworthy. Here’s a deeper look beyond the surface:

Nostalgia Factor: For viewers who grew up watching the show, “Son Pari” evokes strong feelings of nostalgia. It reminds them of a simpler time filled with wonder and the joy of exploring fantastical worlds.

Cultural Influence: The show’s popularity led to the creation of merchandise like toys, clothing, and stationery featuring Pari and other characters. It also sparked discussions about environmental awareness, as some episodes touched upon topics like eco-friendly practices.

Adaptability and Reinterpretation: “Son Pari” is an adaptation of a Bengali fairy tale, “Pari Kahini.” This highlights the show’s ability to recontextualize existing stories for a new generation and audience, keeping the essence of the narrative alive whilst introducing contemporary themes.

Fan Engagement and Online Presence: Despite concluding in 2020, “Son Pari” still enjoys a dedicated online fan following. Fan communities discuss the show’s characters, plotlines, and behind-the-scenes information, keeping the show’s memory alive in the digital space.

Future of Fantasy Dramas: “Son Pari” serves as an example of the growing popularity of fantasy dramas in Indian television. It paved the way for future shows to explore magical elements, diverse mythical creatures, and stories set in imaginative worlds, contributing to the evolution of the genre.

Overall Assessment

“Son Pari” is a show with a unique premise and dazzling visuals. While it suffers from inconsistencies in pacing and plot development, it offers a heartwarming and light-hearted watch for viewers seeking a fantastical escape with a touch of social commentary.


“Son Pari” offers a unique blend of fantasy, social commentary, and family drama. While the show’s pacing and plot can be inconsistent, it still holds the potential to entertain viewers seeking a light-hearted escape and a glimpse into a magical world. Its lasting appeal lies in its optimistic message, emphasis on family values, and ability to spark the imagination of younger audiences. “Son Pari” may not be without its flaws, but it serves as more than just a children’s television show. It offers a glimpse into the power of fantasy, the importance of family and optimism, and the enduring appeal of stories that capture the imagination and evoke a sense of wonder, leaving a lasting impact on viewers and the landscape of Indian television.

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