Shiddat Drama Review

Shiddat Drama Review: “Shiddat” (Urdu for “Intensity”) is a 2021 Indian drama film that explores the complexities of love through the story of two couples whose lives become intertwined. This review delves into the film’s plot, characters, themes, and its effectiveness in portraying the enduring power of love.

Shiddat Drama Review

A Collision of Destinies: Two Love Stories, One Fate

The narrative centers around two couples:

  • Krish (Unwavering Devotion): A young man from a middle-class background falls madly in love with Gauri, a woman from a wealthy family. However, Gauri is engaged to another man. Krish’s relentless pursuit of Gauri forms the crux of the first half of the film.
  • Agastya (Love After Loss): A successful photographer haunted by the past returns to India after years abroad. He encounters Manonmani, a free-spirited woman who challenges his cynical outlook on love. Their connection forms the second half of the story.

Characters Defined by Their Passions:

  • Krish (Sunny Kaushal): Krish is a passionate and impulsive young man. His unwavering devotion to Gauri, bordering on obsession at times, might resonate with some viewers but feel unrealistic to others.
  • Gauri (Diana Penty): Gauri is portrayed as a strong and independent woman caught between societal expectations and her own desires.
  • Agastya (Vicky Kaushal): Agastya’s character is complex. His initial cynicism masks a deep emotional vulnerability. Vicky Kaushal delivers a nuanced performance, showcasing Agastya’s transformation as he opens himself up to love again.
  • Manonmani (Radhika Madan): Manonmani is a refreshing character. Her optimistic spirit and zest for life challenge Agastya’s guarded demeanor.

Themes that Linger:

  • Unconditional Love: The film explores the concept of unconditional love through Krish’s unwavering devotion to Gauri, even if it’s unrequited.
  • Second Chances at Love: Agastya’s journey represents the possibility of finding love again after loss or heartbreak.
  • The Price of Sacrifices: The narrative explores the sacrifices individuals make in the name of love, questioning whether such sacrifices are always justified.

Visual Appeal and Artistic Choices:

  • Cinematography: The film boasts breathtaking visuals, showcasing the beauty of various locations across India.
  • Music: The soundtrack complements the narrative, with soulful melodies that enhance the emotional impact of the story.
  • Editing Choices: The film employs flashbacks and interweaving timelines to depict the two love stories, which might feel jarring for some viewers.

Critical Reception and Audience Response:

“Shiddat” received mixed reviews upon release. Some critics appreciated the film’s exploration of different facets of love, while others found the portrayal of Krish’s character obsessive and the narrative predictable. The audience response was also divided, with some viewers praising the performances and visuals, while others found the plot melodramatic.

A Show for Fans of Romantic Dramas:

“Shiddat” is a visually stunning film with a captivating soundtrack. If you enjoy passionate love stories with a touch of melodrama, this film might be worth watching. However, be prepared for a plot with some predictable elements and a controversial portrayal of one of the main characters.


While “Shiddat” might not be for everyone, it offers an interesting exploration of love through the journeys of its characters. If you’re looking for a visually appealing film with a strong emphasis on the power of love, give “Shiddat” a try. However, keep in mind the mixed critical reception and potential for melodramatic elements before diving in.

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