Shehnai Kaun Bajaye Ga Drama Review

Shehnai Kaun Bajaye Ga Drama Review: “Shehnai Kaun Bajaye Ga” (Who Will Play the Shehnai) is a Pakistani drama that dives into the world of love, family expectations, and the pursuit of dreams. Set against the backdrop of a bustling city, the story follows Zubi (Sumaiyya Bukhsh), a talented singer yearning for a career in music, and Fahad (Hammad Farooqi), a charming but conflicted young man pressured to follow in his family’s business footsteps.

Shehnai Kaun Bajaye Ga Drama Review

A Passionate Singer Held Back by Tradition

Zubi embodies the classic trope of the talented dreamer struggling against societal constraints. Her passion for music clashes with her family’s conservative values, who believe a woman’s place is in the home. Sumaiyya Bukhsh delivers a heartwarming performance, portraying Zubi’s determination and resilience in the face of opposition.

A Charismatic Hero Torn Between Love and Duty

Hammad Farooqi brings charm and vulnerability to the character of Fahad. He’s caught between his love for Zubi and his obligation to fulfill his family’s expectations. This internal conflict creates a relatable character arc for viewers to follow.

Love Blossoms Despite Obstacles

The central romance between Zubi and Fahad is predictable yet heartwarming. Their shared love for music forms the foundation of their bond, and their journey together is filled with both sweet moments and frustrating obstacles.

Family Dynamics Add Layers of Complexity

The supporting characters, particularly Zubi’s family and Fahad’s domineering mother, add layers of complexity to the narrative. Their disapproval of Zubi’s musical aspirations creates tension and conflict, driving the plot forward.

Music as a Metaphor for Freedom

The use of music is a significant element in “Shehnai Kaun Bajaye Ga.” Zubi’s singing represents her desire for freedom and self-expression. The soundtrack features beautiful music that complements the emotional core of the story.

A Familiar Formula with Predictable Tropes

The core storyline of the drama borrows heavily from familiar tropes found in many Pakistani dramas. The conflict between love and family expectations, the societal barriers faced by a female protagonist pursuing a career, and the eventual triumph of good over evil are all predictable elements.

Uneven Pacing and Occasional Melodrama

The pacing of the show can be uneven at times. Certain episodes move slowly, while others rush through plot points. Additionally, the drama occasionally relies on melodramatic moments to heighten the emotional stakes, which might feel over-the-top for some viewers.

A Feel-Good Escape Despite Cliches

Despite its predictable plot and familiar tropes, “Shehnai Kaun Bajaye Ga” offers a feel-good escape for viewers. The performances of the lead actors, the focus on music, and the heartwarming message of following one’s dreams make it an enjoyable watch.

A Show for Fans of the Genre

If you’re a fan of Pakistani dramas that explore themes of family, love, and social barriers, “Shehnai Kaun Bajaye Ga” might be a good fit. However, if you prefer a more original story with a complex plot and strong character development, you might find it lacking in those aspects.

Final Verdict:

“Shehnai Kaun Bajaye Ga” is a light-hearted drama with a predictable storyline but a heartwarming message. The strong performances by the lead actors, the beautiful music, and the focus on following one’s dreams create an enjoyable viewing experience for fans of the genre. However, be prepared for a familiar formula with melodramatic moments and a lack of originality in the plot.

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