Seviyor Sevmiyor Drama Review

Seviyor Sevmiyor Drama Review: Seviyor Sevmiyor (meaning “Loves Doesn’t Love” in Turkish) is a 2016 Turkish romantic comedy that takes inspiration from the popular Korean drama “She Was Pretty.” This review dives into the plot, characters, cultural references, and the series’ overall appeal, helping you decide if Seviyor Sevmiyor is your next rom-com fix.

Seviyor Sevmiyor Drama Review

Plot Summary

Seviyor Sevmiyor introduces us to Ayşe, a kind-hearted but bookish young woman with below-average looks. Her childhood friend, Kerem, a handsome and successful architect, remembers her fondly from their younger days. However, upon reuniting after years apart, Kerem barely recognizes the drastically changed Ayşe.

Meanwhile, Demet, a stunning social media influencer, enters the scene. Demet pretends to be Ayşe when contacting Kerem online, leading to a blossoming virtual romance. As the lie unfolds, Ayşe finds herself working for Kerem’s company, creating a hilarious dynamic of close proximity and mistaken identities.

Character Analysis

  • Ayşe: The relatable protagonist. Despite insecurities about her looks, Ayşe is intelligent and kind. Her journey involves self-acceptance and finding love for who she truly is.
  • Kerem: The charming but initially shallow love interest. Kerem prioritizes appearances initially, but his connection with Ayşe challenges his superficiality.
  • Demet: The antagonist with a hidden heart. Demet’s initial deception creates chaos, but the series offers glimpses of her vulnerability as well.
  • Supporting Characters: Kerem’s quirky colleagues and Ayşe’s supportive family add humor and warmth to the narrative.


  • Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty: Seviyor Sevmiyor challenges societal standards of beauty by showcasing Ayşe’s inner qualities and her journey towards self-acceptance.
  • Love and Deception: The series explores the complexities of love that blossoms online and the consequences of deception in relationships.
  • Importance of Honesty: The narrative highlights the importance of honesty and communication in building healthy relationships.
  • Cultural Clashes: The series subtly explores the clash between traditional Turkish values and the influence of modern social media culture.

Cultural References and Humor

Seviyor Sevmiyor heavily relies on Turkish pop culture references and slapstick humor to entertain viewers. Understanding these references might require some additional research for international audiences. However, the series’ visual gags and physical comedy translate well across cultures.

Impact and Legacy

Seviyor Sevmiyor was a moderate success during its original run. The series resonated with viewers who enjoyed the lighthearted rom-com elements, the relatable characters, and the underlying message of self-acceptance. However, some viewers might have found the plot predictable or the humor repetitive.

Possible Critique

While Seviyor Sevmiyor offers an entertaining premise, some aspects might not appeal to everyone. The focus on mistaken identity and the predictable love triangle could be seen as clichéd. Additionally, the characters might lack depth, especially compared to the Korean source material.


Seviyor Sevmiyor is a lighthearted Turkish rom-com that offers a classic story of love, self-discovery, and the importance of inner beauty. While the plot might be predictable, the series entertains with its slapstick humor, cultural references, and the endearing characters’ journeys. If you’re looking for a fun and easy watch with a touch of Turkish flair, Seviyor Sevmiyor might be the perfect rom-com for you. However, those who prefer more complex plots and character development might find it lacking in substance.

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