Parmaklıklar Ardında Drama Review

Parmaklıklar Ardında Drama Review: Parmaklıklar Ardında (meaning “Behind Bars” in Turkish) is a 2007 Turkish drama series that delves into the lives of women imprisoned for various crimes. This review explores the plot, characters, themes, and the series’ overall reception, helping you decide if Parmaklıklar Ardında is your next Turkish drama obsession.

Parmaklıklar Ardında Drama Review

Plot Summary

Parmaklıklar Ardında takes viewers inside a women’s prison, introducing us to a diverse group of inmates. The series explores their individual stories, the reasons behind their incarceration, and the challenges they face within the prison walls. From hardened criminals to women wrongly convicted, the narrative unfolds as they navigate power struggles, forge unlikely friendships, and yearn for a second chance.


  • A variety of female inmates: Each woman has a unique backstory and personality. Some characters are hardened criminals, while others are victims of circumstance or bad decisions.
  • Prison Staff: The series also explores the lives of the prison guards and wardens, showcasing the complexities of their jobs and the human connections that can form even within a prison setting.


  • Second Chances and Redemption: The series explores the possibility of redemption for those who have made mistakes. Some characters strive to reform themselves, while others grapple with the consequences of their actions.
  • Friendship and Solidarity: Despite their differences, the female inmates find solace and support in each other, forming a unique sense of community within the prison walls.
  • Criminality and Justice: The series delves into the reasons people commit crimes, raising questions about social inequality and the justice system.
  • Family and Relationships: The narrative explores the impact of incarceration on family relationships, as the women struggle to maintain connections with loved ones on the outside.

Reception and Legacy

Parmaklıklar Ardında received mixed reviews. While praised for its realistic portrayal of prison life and its exploration of complex themes, some viewers found the plot predictable or the characters underdeveloped. However, the series garnered a following for its strong female characters and its ability to shed light on an often-overlooked segment of society.

Possible Critique

While Parmaklıklar Ardında offers a unique perspective, some elements might not resonate with all viewers. The focus on multiple characters could leave some feeling like the story lacks a central narrative arc. Additionally, the series might be criticized for sensationalizing prison life or for not offering a deep dive into the legal aspects of the characters’ convictions.

Strengths of the Series

  • Strong Female Characters: The diverse cast of female characters offers a nuanced portrayal of women who have made mistakes but are still capable of growth and redemption.
  • Social Commentary: The series raises important questions about the justice system, societal pressures, and the factors that contribute to crime.
  • Realistic Portrayal of Prison Life: Parmaklıklar Ardında offers a glimpse into the daily routines, power dynamics, and challenges faced by women in prison.


Parmaklıklar Ardında is a Turkish drama series that offers a thought-provoking look at life behind bars. While the plot might be episodic and the characters might lack depth at times, the series is a compelling watch for those seeking a drama with strong female characters, social commentary, and a realistic portrayal of prison life.

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