Parizaad Drama Review

Parizaad Drama Review: Parizaad, a 2022 Pakistani drama serial, took the audience by storm with its poignant narrative and exceptional performances. This review delves into the series’ strengths, weaknesses, and lasting impact, exploring its place within the Pakistani drama landscape.

Parizaad Drama Review

Plot and Themes:

The story unfolds around Parizaad (Ahmed Ali Akbar), a young man born into a lower-class family and ostracized by society due to his dark complexion. He endures immense prejudice and discrimination throughout his life, navigating the complexities of identity, belonging, and social acceptance. The series explores themes of classism, colorism, societal prejudice, self-discovery, and the human spirit’s resilience in the face of adversity.


  • Compelling Narrative: The script, written by Hashim Nadeem, is powerful and layered. It avoids sensationalization, opting for a nuanced and realistic portrayal of Parizaad’s struggle. The narrative is captivating, holding the viewer’s attention with its emotional depth and thought-provoking themes.
  • Stellar Performances: The cast, led by the phenomenal Ahmed Ali Akbar, delivers exceptional performances. Akbar embodies the character of Parizaad with remarkable authenticity, showcasing both his vulnerability and resilience. The supporting cast, including Nadia Jamil, Ushna Shah, and Nauman Ijaz, also contributes to the show’s strength with their nuanced portrayals.
  • Social Commentary: Parizaad tackles important social issues prevalent in Pakistani society, particularly classism and colorism. The series doesn’t shy away from portraying the harsh realities faced by marginalized communities, sparking crucial conversations and challenging societal norms.
  • Cinematography and Music: The series boasts stunning cinematography, capturing the diverse landscapes and contrasting realities of Parizaad’s world. The music, composed by Sahir Ali Bagga, perfectly complements the narrative, enhancing the emotional impact of various scenes.


  • Pacing: While the initial episodes set the stage effectively, the mid-section could feel slightly slow-paced for some viewers. This might have been a conscious choice to delve deeper into Parizaad’s emotional journey, but it could occasionally test the viewers’ patience.
  • Ending Debate: The ending of the series sparked mixed reactions. While some viewers found it powerful and fitting, others felt it lacked closure or left unanswered questions about certain characters’ fates.

Overall Impact:

Despite its few shortcomings, Parizaad undoubtedly stands as a landmark achievement in Pakistani television. It tackles complex social issues with sensitivity and honesty, offering a compelling story with relatable characters. The series has garnered critical acclaim and audience praise, establishing itself as a cultural touchstone and sparking vital conversations about social inequalities.

Beyond the Narrative:

Parizaad’s significance goes beyond its captivating storyline and impressive production value. It serves as a catalyst for introspection and social discourse. The series has:

  • Empowered marginalized communities: It provides a voice to the often unheard and encourages viewers to acknowledge and challenge societal biases.
  • Sparked conversations: Parizaad sparked crucial conversations about colorism, classism, and the importance of treating individuals with respect and dignity.
  • Inspired future narratives: Its success paves the way for more Pakistani dramas to explore diverse narratives and social issues, fostering a more inclusive and thought-provoking television landscape.

Beyond the Surface: A Deeper Look at Parizaad

While the previous section provides a comprehensive review of Parizaad, let’s delve deeper into its complexities to gain a richer understanding.

Character Analysis:

  • Parizaad: Ahmed Ali Akbar’s portrayal of Parizaad is the cornerstone of the show’s success. He navigates the character’s journey from a naive young man to a self-assured individual with remarkable nuance. We witness his struggles with internalized self-doubt, his moments of defiance against societal norms, and his gradual embrace of self-acceptance.
  • Saima and Bushra: Nadia Jamil and Ushna Shah, as Saima and Bushra respectively, offer diverse perspectives on societal expectations and the complexities of relationships. Saima embodies the limitations faced by women within certain social circles, while Bushra challenges these norms, paving the path for independent choices.
  • Nasaaz: Nauman Ijaz delivers a heartfelt performance as Nasaaz, Parizaad’s confidante and moral compass. He serves as a beacon of support and guidance, reminding Parizaad of his inherent worth and encouraging him to navigate the world with integrity.

Themes and Interpretations:

  • Beyond Colorism: While colorism is a central theme, the series tackles broader issues like the limitations imposed by social class and the struggle for upward mobility. Parizaad’s journey transcends color, representing the challenges faced by individuals and communities ostracized based on any societal prejudice.
  • Internalized Oppression: The series explores the concept of internalized oppression, showcasing how Parizaad, despite facing external discrimination, struggles with self-doubt and negative self-perception due to societal conditioning.
  • Finding Identity: Parizaad’s journey is ultimately one of self-discovery and finding his place in the world. He grapples with his sense of belonging, navigating conflicting narratives about his identity and eventually learning to embrace his unique self.

Reception and Legacy:

  • Critical Acclaim: Parizaad garnered widespread critical acclaim, receiving praise for its powerful narrative, exceptional performances, and its contribution to social discourse. It received numerous awards, solidifying its position as a groundbreaking drama in Pakistani television history.
  • Cultural Phenomenon: The series transcended the realm of television, becoming a cultural phenomenon. Social media platforms were flooded with discussions, memes, and fan art, demonstrating its profound impact on the audience.
  • Inspiring Change: Parizaad has had a ripple effect, sparking conversations about social inequalities and inspiring efforts to challenge prejudice and create a more inclusive society.


Parizaad is not just a television drama; it’s a powerful social commentary wrapped in an engaging narrative. The series leaves a lasting impression on viewers, encouraging empathy, challenging societal norms, and celebrating the human spirit’s resilience. Its legacy lies in its ability to spark conversations, inspire introspection, and pave the way for a more inclusive and thought-provoking Pakistani drama landscape.

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