Kimse Bilmez Drama Review

Kimse Bilmez Drama Review: Kimse Bilmez (meaning “No One Knows” in Turkish) is a 2019 Turkish drama series that blends elements of action, romance, and suspense. This review delves into the plot, characters, themes, reception, and its place in the Turkish drama landscape, helping you decide if Kimse Bilmez is your next binge-watch.

Kimse Bilmez Drama Review

Plot Summary

Sevda, a beautiful and optimistic young woman, dreams of becoming a star. Her life takes a devastating turn when her father falls into debt with the ruthless Uygar. To protect her family, Sevda seeks help from Uygar, but his offer comes with a heavy price. Meanwhile, Ali, a mysterious man with a shadowed past, enters Sevda’s life. Sparks fly between them, but their budding romance is threatened by Sevda’s desperate situation and the ever-present danger posed by Uygar. The narrative unfolds as Sevda navigates a web of deceit, fights for her family’s safety, and discovers the truth behind Ali’s past.


  • Sevda: The central protagonist, a kind-hearted and determined young woman forced to make difficult choices. Her resilience and unwavering optimism shine through despite the challenges she faces.
  • Ali: A brooding and enigmatic man with a hidden past. He possesses a strong moral compass and a willingness to protect those he loves.
  • Supporting Cast: The series features a well-developed supporting cast, including Sevda’s family, Ali’s past associates, and the ruthless villain Uygar. These characters add layers of complexity to the plot and raise the stakes for the protagonists.


  • Forbidden Love: The series explores the complexities and dangers of love blossoming between people from different social circles. Sevda and Ali’s relationship is constantly tested by external pressures and the threat of Uygar’s control.
  • Sacrifice and Loyalty: Sevda’s unwavering loyalty to her family and Ali’s willingness to sacrifice for his loved ones are central themes throughout the series.
  • Fighting for Justice: As the narrative progresses, Sevda and Ali become determined to expose Uygar’s crimes and seek justice for those he has wronged.
  • Hope and Resilience: Despite the adversity they face, Sevda and Ali hold onto hope for a brighter future, inspiring viewers with their unwavering spirit.

Reception and Legacy

Kimse Bilmez received generally positive reviews. Viewers praised the series’ fast-paced plot, the captivating performances of the lead actors, and the well-developed characters. The unique blend of romance, suspense, and action was a particular highlight for many viewers. However, some viewers found the villain’s character to be overly stereotypical or the ending to be rushed.

Possible Critique

While Kimse Bilmez offers a thrilling story with engaging characters, some aspects might not resonate with everyone. The series relies on tropes often found in forbidden love stories, and the legal aspects of the central conflict might not be explored in great depth. Additionally, some viewers might find the pacing to be uneven, especially in the later episodes.

Strengths of the Series

  • High Production Value: The series boasts impressive visuals, a captivating soundtrack, and well-choreographed action sequences that enhance the viewing experience.
  • Compelling Mystery: The series keeps viewers engaged with the central mystery surrounding Ali’s past and the quest to bring down Uygar.
  • Emotional Journey: Kimse Bilmez offers a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from heart-wrenching moments to heartwarming scenes of love and hope.


Kimse Bilmez is a Turkish drama that offers a captivating blend of action, romance, and suspense. While the plot might borrow from familiar tropes and the ending might feel rushed, the series excels in its high production value, its well-developed characters, and its ability to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. If you’re looking for a fast-paced drama with a touch of forbidden love, thrilling action sequences, and a hopeful message, Kimse Bilmez is worth checking out.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Kimse Bilmez ran for one season with 27 episodes.
  • If you enjoy Turkish dramas with a strong female lead and a focus on forbidden love, you might also like “Aşk Laftan Anlamaz” (meaning “Love Doesn’t Understand Words”).
  • Those who prefer a deeper exploration of legal and social issues might want to look for dramas with a more social-realist approach.

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