Jurm Drama Review

Jurm Drama Review: Jurm, a Pakistani drama serial, has garnered positive reviews for its suspenseful plot and strong performances. Here’s a breakdown of its strengths:

Jurm Drama Review

Intriguing Story: Jurm is a crime thriller following a young couple, Ayla and Daniyal, whose lives are upended by a shocking abduction. This event unravels a series of secrets and puts their family and loved ones in danger.

Compelling Narrative: The drama keeps viewers engaged with its non-linear storytelling. It skillfully weaves between the present situation and the characters’ pasts, offering glimpses into their motivations and relationships. This technique adds depth to the characters and keeps the mystery alive.

Stellar Cast: The series boasts a talented cast with Wahaj Ali, Dur-e-Fishan Saleem, Tooba Siddiqui, and Atiqa Odho delivering noteworthy performances. Critics particularly praised Atiqa Odho’s portrayal of a high-society mother.

Social Commentary: Jurm goes beyond just entertainment. It delves into social issues and compels viewers to question the concept of “crime” itself.

Limited Format: Unlike many Pakistani dramas, Jurm is a miniseries with only four episodes. This concise format allows for a tighter plot and avoids unnecessary dragging, leaving a lasting impact.

Diving Deeper into Jurm: Strengths and Potential Drawbacks

While Jurm has been praised for its captivating story and strong execution, there are some additional aspects to consider:


  • Cinematography: Reviews mention the series benefits from beautiful visuals and a distinct film noir style, enhancing the suspenseful atmosphere.
  • Pacing: The tight pacing keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, avoiding lulls often present in longer dramas.
  • Exploration of Complexities: Jurm doesn’t shy away from portraying the complexities of human relationships and the moral ambiguities surrounding the central crime.
  • Performances: Appreciation goes beyond just the lead cast. Supporting actors like Zhalay Sarhadi and Tazeen Hussain are also commended for their impactful portrayals.

Potential Drawbacks:

  • Limited Character Development: Due to the short format, some viewers might feel the characters, besides Ayla and Daniyal, could have been fleshed out further.
  • Slow Start: Some early reviews noted a slightly slow beginning. However, audiences are encouraged to persist as the plot thickens and the mystery unfolds.


Jurm is a refreshing addition to Pakistani television, offering a suspenseful crime drama with strong performances, social commentary, and a thought-provoking narrative. While the short format might leave some wanting more character development, it ensures a fast-paced and impactful viewing experience.

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