Ishqaway Drama Review

Ishqaway Drama Review: “Ishqaway” (Urdu for “Entangled Love”) is a 2015 Pakistani drama that delves into the complexities of human relationships. This review explores the show’s plot, characters, themes, and its effectiveness in portraying the destructive power of jealousy and betrayal.

Ishqaway Drama Review

A Friendship Turned Sour: The Central Conflict

The story revolves around two childhood friends, Amal and Safina. Their close bond takes a dramatic turn when Amal becomes engaged to Haider, a handsome and charming man. However, Haider develops feelings for Safina, setting the stage for a web of deceit and manipulation. The narrative explores the devastating consequences of jealousy and betrayal on the lives of these three characters.

Characters Fueling the Drama:

  • Amal (Positive Traits, Flawed Decisions): Amal’s character evokes empathy. She is kind-hearted and trusting, but her naivety and blind faith in Haider contribute to her downfall.
  • Safina (The Enigmatic Friend): Safina is a more complex character. While initially portrayed as supportive of Amal, her motivations become increasingly ambiguous as the story unfolds. Viewers may find themselves questioning her intentions and actions.
  • Haider (The Catalyst for Chaos): Haider is the catalyst for the central conflict. His manipulative personality and disregard for consequences fuel the drama. However, some viewers might find his character underdeveloped, lacking depth beyond his charm and deceit.

Themes Explored: A Look Beyond the Love Triangle

While the central plot focuses on a love triangle, “Ishqaway” explores deeper themes:

  • Destructive Jealousy: The show portrays the devastating impact of jealousy on human relationships. Amal’s unwavering trust crumbles as she witnesses Haider’s growing affection for Safina. The narrative highlights the corrosive nature of jealousy and its ability to distort perceptions.
  • The Power of Betrayal: The betrayal of a close friend is a central theme. Safina’s actions shatter the foundation of trust between the two women, leaving lasting scars. The show explores the emotional pain and disillusionment that betrayal can cause.
  • The Illusion of Choice: The female characters grapple with societal expectations and limited choices. Amal’s family pressures her towards a marriage with Haider, while societal norms might restrict Safina from pursuing her own desires openly.

Production Choices and Overall Impact:

  • Limited Reviews: Finding in-depth reviews of “Ishqaway” might be challenging due to its release date and the language barrier. This review aims to bridge that gap.
  • Uncertain Critical Reception: Without access to a wider range of reviews, it’s difficult to gauge the show’s overall critical reception.
  • Potential for Audience Discussion: The show’s exploration of complex themes like jealousy and betrayal can spark interesting discussions among viewers.

A Show With Potential, But Room for Improvement:

“Ishqaway” has the potential to be an engaging drama. The central conflict and exploration of dark emotions provide a foundation for a compelling narrative. However, some aspects could be improved:

  • Uneven Character Development: While Amal is a well-developed character, Haider and Safina lack depth, particularly in their motivations.
  • Potential for Predictability: The basic premise of a love triangle with elements of deceit might feel predictable for some viewers.
  • Limited Availability: Finding the show with English subtitles might be challenging for international audiences.


“Ishqaway” might be an interesting watch for viewers seeking a Pakistani drama with a focus on complex relationships and the destructive power of jealousy. However, be aware of the potential for uneven character development and a predictable plot. If the themes of betrayal, societal pressures, and emotional manipulation pique your interest, “Ishqaway” could be worth checking out, especially if you can find it with subtitles.

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