Full Moon Drama Review

Full Moon Drama Review: “Full Moon” (Dolunay) is a Turkish drama series that originally aired in 2017. Directed by Cagri Bayrak and written by Aysen Gunsu Teker and Fikret Bekler, the series blends romance, drama, and comedy, making it a captivating experience for its viewers. The show stars Özge Gürel and Can Yaman, whose on-screen chemistry quickly became a highlight, attracting a significant fanbase both in Turkey and internationally.

Full Moon Drama Review

Plot Summary

The story revolves around Nazli Pinar (Özge Gürel), an aspiring chef with big dreams and an independent spirit. She is passionate about Japanese cuisine and works hard to make her mark in the culinary world. Nazli’s life takes an unexpected turn when she starts working as a private chef for Ferit Aslan (Can Yaman), a wealthy and handsome businessman who is known for his perfectionism and strict demeanor.

Ferit is a successful, meticulous, and somewhat lonely individual who leads a highly structured life. His world is turned upside down when Nazli enters his life with her vibrant and free-spirited personality. Despite their differences, they develop a complex relationship filled with tension, misunderstandings, and undeniable chemistry.

As the series progresses, their relationship evolves from employer-employee to friends and eventually to lovers. However, their journey is not without obstacles. They must navigate through various challenges, including family issues, business conflicts, and personal insecurities.

Character Analysis

Nazli Pinar: Nazli is the heart and soul of the series. Her character is multi-dimensional, showcasing a blend of strength, independence, vulnerability, and warmth. She is driven by her passion for cooking and her dream of opening her own restaurant. Her journey from a struggling chef to a confident woman who stands up for herself is inspiring. Nazli’s relationship with her younger sister, Asuman, also adds depth to her character, highlighting her protective and nurturing side.

Ferit Aslan: Ferit’s character is initially portrayed as cold, rigid, and somewhat arrogant. However, as the series progresses, layers of his personality are peeled away, revealing a kind-hearted and caring individual. His transformation is largely influenced by Nazli, who brings warmth and spontaneity into his life. Ferit’s backstory, including his family dynamics and past relationships, adds complexity to his character.

Supporting Characters: The supporting cast plays a crucial role in the series, adding richness and depth to the story. Hakan (Necip Memili) is the primary antagonist whose schemes and manipulations create significant conflicts. Deniz (Hakan Kurtaş), Ferit’s close friend, adds an additional layer of drama with his own unrequited love for Nazli. The various family members and friends of Nazli and Ferit contribute to the intricate web of relationships that drive the narrative forward.


“Full Moon” explores several themes that resonate with its audience:

Love and Relationships: At its core, the series is a love story that highlights the complexities of relationships. It delves into the dynamics of love, trust, and the challenges that come with opening one’s heart to another person. The relationship between Nazli and Ferit evolves naturally, with each of them growing and changing as they learn from each other.

Independence and Self-Discovery: Nazli’s journey is one of self-discovery and empowerment. She starts as a determined but somewhat naïve young woman and grows into a confident individual who knows her worth. Her struggle to balance her professional aspirations with her personal life is relatable and inspiring.

Family and Loyalty: The series places a strong emphasis on family ties and loyalty. Nazli’s relationship with her sister Asuman, and Ferit’s bond with his family, especially his nephew Bulut, are central to the story. These relationships are tested by external pressures but ultimately underscore the importance of family support and loyalty.

Class Differences and Social Issues: “Full Moon” subtly addresses class differences and social issues. The stark contrast between Nazli’s modest background and Ferit’s affluent lifestyle is a recurring theme. The series also touches on issues like trust, betrayal, and the consequences of one’s actions on those around them.

Production Quality

The production quality of “Full Moon” is noteworthy. The series boasts high production values, with beautiful cinematography that captures the essence of Istanbul. The scenic shots, whether it’s the bustling city or serene landscapes, add a visual appeal that enhances the viewing experience.

The music and soundtrack complement the mood of the series perfectly. The background scores and theme songs are well-chosen, adding an emotional layer to key scenes and enhancing the overall atmosphere.


The performances in “Full Moon” are a significant factor in its success. Özge Gürel delivers a standout performance as Nazli. She brings a natural charm and authenticity to the role, making Nazli a relatable and endearing character. Gürel’s ability to convey a wide range of emotions, from joy to sorrow, adds depth to her performance.

Can Yaman’s portrayal of Ferit Aslan is equally impressive. He captures the character’s complexity, transitioning smoothly from a stern businessman to a loving and vulnerable partner. Yaman’s chemistry with Gürel is palpable, making their on-screen relationship believable and engaging.

The supporting cast also delivers strong performances. Necip Memili as Hakan is convincing as the antagonist, bringing a sense of menace and unpredictability to his character. Hakan Kurtaş as Deniz adds a layer of melancholy and depth with his portrayal of a man caught in unrequited love.


While “Full Moon” has been widely praised, it is not without its criticisms. Some viewers have pointed out that the series follows a somewhat predictable storyline common in romantic dramas. The trope of the rich, brooding businessman falling for the spirited, independent woman has been seen before, and “Full Moon” does not stray far from this formula.

Additionally, some of the plot twists and conflicts, particularly those involving the antagonists, can feel contrived and overly dramatic. These elements, while adding tension, sometimes detract from the more realistic and relatable aspects of the story.

The pacing of the series has also been a point of contention. Certain episodes feel slower, with prolonged scenes that do not significantly advance the plot. This can lead to a sense of repetitiveness, especially in the middle portions of the series.

Cultural Impact and Reception

“Full Moon” has had a considerable cultural impact, especially among fans of Turkish dramas. The series has been praised for its engaging storyline, strong performances, and high production values. It has garnered a loyal fanbase both in Turkey and internationally, contributing to the growing popularity of Turkish television series around the world.

The show’s success can be attributed to its ability to blend traditional Turkish cultural elements with universal themes of love and family. The portrayal of Istanbul, with its rich history and vibrant modernity, adds a unique flavor to the series, making it appealing to a global audience.

The chemistry between the lead actors, Özge Gürel and Can Yaman, has been a significant factor in the show’s popularity. Their performances have not only captivated viewers but also sparked a considerable amount of fan engagement on social media platforms. This interaction has helped sustain interest in the series long after its original airing.


“Full Moon” is a compelling Turkish drama that successfully combines romance, drama, and comedy. Its engaging storyline, well-developed characters, and high production quality make it a standout series in the genre. Despite some predictable elements and pacing issues, the strong performances of the cast, particularly Özge Gürel and Can Yaman, elevate the series and make it a memorable viewing experience.

The series’ exploration of themes like love, independence, and family resonates with viewers, while its portrayal of Istanbul adds a distinctive cultural touch. “Full Moon” is a testament to the growing appeal of Turkish dramas on the international stage and remains a beloved series among fans.

For those looking for a heartfelt and entertaining drama, “Full Moon” offers a delightful journey filled with emotion, charm, and captivating storytelling.

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