Daydreamer Drama Review

Daydreamer Drama Review: “Daydreamer” (original title: “Erkenci Kuş”) is a Turkish romantic comedy series that aired from 2018 to 2019. Created by Aslı Zengin and Banu Zengin, the series became an instant hit, captivating audiences with its charming storyline, lovable characters, and picturesque settings. Starring Can Yaman as Can Divit and Demet Özdemir as Sanem Aydın, “Daydreamer” offers a delightful blend of romance, humor, and drama that has captured the hearts of viewers around the world.

Daydreamer Drama Review

Plot Overview

The series follows the journey of Sanem Aydın, a young woman with a passion for writing and dreams of becoming a successful novelist. Sanem works at her family’s flower shop but harbors secret aspirations of pursuing her literary ambitions. When she crosses paths with Can Divit, the charismatic heir to a successful advertising agency, her life takes an unexpected turn.

Can hires Sanem as his personal assistant under the guise of needing help with his photography hobby. As they spend more time together, sparks fly between them, leading to a playful and romantic relationship. However, their budding romance faces numerous obstacles, including misunderstandings, rivalries, and family secrets.

As the series unfolds, Sanem and Can navigate the ups and downs of their relationship while pursuing their dreams and confronting the challenges that life throws their way. Along the way, they form deep connections with friends and family, discover the true meaning of love, and learn valuable lessons about friendship, forgiveness, and following their hearts.

Themes and Cultural Context

“Daydreamer” explores several themes that resonate with audiences, including love, friendship, ambition, and the pursuit of happiness.

  1. Love and Romance: At its core, “Daydreamer” is a love story that celebrates the transformative power of love. The series portrays the highs and lows of romantic relationships, from the excitement of new love to the challenges of overcoming obstacles and misunderstandings. Sanem and Can’s romance serves as the emotional heart of the series, captivating viewers with its heartfelt moments and undeniable chemistry.
  2. Friendship and Support: Friendship plays a central role in the series, with Sanem and Can forming deep connections with friends and family members who support them on their journey. The bonds of friendship provide a source of strength and comfort, allowing the characters to overcome challenges and grow together.
  3. Ambition and Pursuing Dreams: Both Sanem and Can are driven by their ambitions and dreams. Sanem aspires to become a successful novelist, while Can strives to prove himself in the competitive world of advertising. The series highlights the importance of pursuing one’s dreams, even in the face of obstacles and setbacks, and the rewards that come from following one’s passion.

Character Analysis

  • Sanem Aydın: Demet Özdemir delivers a stellar performance as Sanem, the series’ spirited and lovable protagonist. Sanem is depicted as a free-spirited and independent woman with a zest for life and a talent for storytelling. Özdemir brings warmth, humor, and vulnerability to the character, making Sanem a relatable and endearing heroine.
  • Can Divit: Can Yaman shines as Can, the charming and charismatic heir to the Divit advertising empire. Can is portrayed as a complex and multifaceted character with a troubled past and a deep capacity for love. Yaman’s charismatic presence and undeniable chemistry with Özdemir make Can a captivating and irresistible leading man.
  • Leyla: Öznur Serçeler portrays Leyla, Sanem’s loyal friend and confidante. Leyla provides emotional support and guidance to Sanem throughout the series, serving as a source of wisdom and comic relief.
  • Mevkibe and Nihat Aydın: Ceren Taşçı and Cihan Ercan play Mevkibe and Nihat, Sanem’s loving but eccentric parents. Their quirky antics and unconditional love for their daughter add humor and heart to the series.

Visual and Cultural Representation

Set in the vibrant city of Istanbul, “Daydreamer” showcases the beauty of Turkey’s landscapes, from its bustling streets to its picturesque waterfronts. The series’ cinematography captures the energy and vibrancy of the city, providing a visually stunning backdrop for Sanem and Can’s romantic adventures.

Cultural elements are woven throughout the series, offering viewers a glimpse into Turkish customs, traditions, and cuisine. From the colorful festivals and celebrations to the intimate family gatherings, “Daydreamer” celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Turkey and its people.

Social Impact and Reception

“Daydreamer” received widespread acclaim for its engaging storyline, lovable characters, and sizzling chemistry between the lead actors. The series became a cultural phenomenon in Turkey and beyond, captivating audiences with its heartfelt romance and playful humor.

The show’s success can be attributed to its universal themes and its ability to capture the essence of modern romance. “Daydreamer” sparked discussions about love, friendship, and the pursuit of happiness, resonating with viewers around the world.

The performances of the cast, particularly Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman, were widely praised for their chemistry and authenticity. Their on-screen romance captured the hearts of viewers, making Sanem and Can one of Turkish television’s most beloved couples.

Criticism and Controversy

Despite its popularity, “Daydreamer” faced some criticism for its pacing and plot development. Some viewers felt that certain storylines were dragged out or resolved too quickly, detracting from the overall impact of the series. Additionally, the portrayal of certain characters, particularly the antagonists, was seen by some as one-dimensional or clichéd.


“Daydreamer” (Erkenci Kuş) stands out as a delightful and heartwarming romantic comedy that has captured the hearts of viewers around the world. With its charming storyline, lovable characters, and picturesque settings, the series offers a delightful escape into the world of modern romance.

Through its exploration of universal themes such as love, friendship, and the pursuit of happiness, “Daydreamer” has left a lasting impression on audiences, reminding us of the joy and magic that comes from following our hearts. In summary, “Daydreamer” is more than just a television series; it is a celebration of love, laughter, and the power of dreams to come true.

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